Zack Hollander : I'm one of the original creators behind Epoch. I graduated high school in 2012. Got a degree from my local college in 2015 and have been looking to be creative ever since. I first learned video editing and production by taking 3 years of video production in high school where I learned quite a bit. I had also used my older brothers video camera when I was younger to film me and my friends riding motorcycles and skateboards. It wasn't till late 2015 that I realized that film/photgraphy is what I wanted to do as it fulfills my desire to create. This whole idea of Epoch came from an overnight road trip to Colorado for one of my best friends wedding. I was driving through rural part of Arizona about to cross into colorado and I watched as the sunrise happened and I was in the car with four of my best friends and at that point I knew that I wanted to travel, create and inspire. Whether that be me taking captivating images of homes or helping someone feel like they were with me on my adventures. I want to help people feel the emotions I do through my images.